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Fashion Meets Service

The Justus Clothing Company celebrates active, independent, rugged individuals whose lives are shaped by goodwill towards others and a passion for life.​Justus Clothing offers men and women comfortable, high quality apparel. Justus Clothing was sited by London professor and historian of fashion of culture, Shaun Cole, as a fashion forward brand of the future in his publication, THE STORY OF MEN’S UNDERWEAR, Parkstone International Publishing.​Justus Clothing is a company inspired by a passion to make a difference for those in need. Men's Premium Underwear has become much more than our flagship product, but an outward symbol of hope and equality. Justus Clothing has donated over 50,000 new pair of underwear and clothing items to community programs around the country including LA Youth Network (Los Angeles), Union Rescue Mission (Los Angeles), Volunteers of America (Stand Down), Compass Family Services (San Francisco), Ruth Ellis Center (Detroit), StreeThreads (Detroit), Ali Forney Center (New York), City Gospel Mission (Cincinnati), Miami Rescue Mission (Miami), Atlanta Mission (Atlanta), Baldwin Center (Pontiac), K Love Hope Church (Detroit), Rafiki Foundation for East Africa Kids, Pure Recovery Rehab, Noah Project (Haiti) and more.


P.O. Box 1372, Royal Oak, MI 48068


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